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An elegant vinyl pool lighting beautifully at night.
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Replace the vinyl in your swimming pool

Is the vinyl in your pool in need of replacement? Look no further than Mufson Pools, Landscape & Design, the best choice to replace the vinyl in your swimming pool. Keep your vinyl pool fresh and well-maintained. New pool vinyl can save on maintenance costs and breathe fresh air into your outdoor living space. Whether your pool is inground or above ground, vinyl makes it hassle-free to change up your look whenever you desire.

When is it time to replace your pool vinyl?

The average lifespan on a new vinyl pool liner is approximately four to eight years. Signs that it is time to replace your pool's vinyl include:
  • There are tears or cracks in the pool liner
  • Vinyl pool print is stained or faded
  • The vinyl in the corners of your pool is no longer tight, and/or is pulling away
  • The pool is losing water more quickly than it has in the past

  • Depending on the size and configuration of your pool, Mufson may be able to replace a damaged or worn-out vinyl liner quickly -- in some cases requiring just hours. That means you can leave for work in the morning and come home to a stunning new pool that evening.