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Fall Football

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What better way to enjoy watching football than relaxing in an outdoor living area beside your pool, with your flat screen under your new pergola? As the season progresses, it gives you an excuse to start a roaring fire in that new outdoor fireplace. Relax and cook up some snacks for your guest... thanks to that new outdoor kitchen, it can all be enjoyed outdoors. Whether you are a Giants fan, Jets fan, or prefer another NFL or college team, Mufson pools can create your perfect outdoor football viewing space in New Jersey or New York.

Creating an outdoor space to enjoy the fall and football season can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Some areas start just as a small pavilion and grow as the season and function of the space changes. Some people like the idea of an outdoor bar area with additional sitting- throw in a TV for top-rated football games and it's every man's (or woman's) dream. An outdoor fireplace is practical in the fall to take the chill out of the air and serves as a beautiful focal point (when the TV is off).

For football fans, the main commodity is the ability to gather around the outdoor TV or media center, enjoying the cooler weather without the hassles (and clean-up) of inviting your friends over to watch the game indoors. For non-fans, it's simply a nice way to spend a weekend afternoon- outdoors with good friends and good food. For football fans, outdoor game watching has a lot of benefits, such as enjoying the weather, more seating, ample space for kids to play and easy clean-up. Seating, bar set-up and arrangement of all the elements is key to having a great outdoor football watching space.

An L shaped bar is user-friendly for watching the game and enjoyable between halves to talk comfortably with your guests. It's best to choose materials that will stand up to the elements, such as cabinets finished in a marine-grade polymer for a kitchen area. Durable furniture makes for great seating to watch a football under a pergola-styled cabana using pine for the ceiling and perhaps some terrazzo tile flooring. An outdoor stone fireplace adds warmth on chilly days and nice ambiance all year round. If you don't have a fireplace, outdoor heaters are both functional and look nice.

Make sure your TV is in a shaded area (perhaps under an eave), so you can see the screen better. Invest in an all-weather TV screen and put it in a TV in a weatherproof enclosure when it isn't in use. Make sure to add lots of weatherproof, comfortable seating with a good sightline to the TV screen. A nearby outdoor kitchen and/or grill island is always bonus. The island can double in function and also house a bar with stools, an outdoor refrigerator for cold beverages or even a Kegerator beer dispenser.

Try to locate your outdoor space close to a bathroom, if possible. Offer night lighting and path lighting as you will want your guests to be able to find their way around. As it gets later in the season, it gets darker earlier. Bugs can be more than a pest when you are trying to watch the big game. Defend your outdoor space by using citronella candles, keeping food covered and hang bird feeders (since birds do eat bugs).

Statistics show that 40% of all football viewers are women. Needless to say, these football areas are going to have a touch of feminine flair such as more comfortable seating, better food choices and offer more than beer and cigars. Outdoor televisions and media space, seating with comfortable pillows and multi viewing spaces along with an outdoor bar area and kitchens will enable hosts and guests alike to feel comfortable in a sophisticated outdoor football viewing area- hold the foam fingers, please.